With the flow of life

We had travelled non stop from Bangalore->Delhi->Haridwar->
Rishikesh->Rudraprayag, with a short stay at Rishikesh. We
finally decided to halt at Rudraprayag in a government tourist
house (GMVN). It was night 10 o clock. The 2 week-long trek in
the remote hills of Garhwal Himalayas was about to start soon
and we desperately  wanted to have a good night sleep and rest
as much as possible. As we went to our rooms, we could figure
out that a stream is flowing nearby as the gushing sound of
the force filled our rooms with a rustic smell.
We woke up to a most delightful surprize and a superb view of
of the very identity of Rudraprayag. The whole night, we were
sleeping right next to the sacred place where Mandakini and
Alaknanda meet 🙂 …. the below photo was taken from
the GMVN tourist house.

The morning chill, the place, the coffee, the long deep breaths and the sound of the
temple bells..Blessed were we to witness it..


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Besant nagar beach

I decided to touch the water as I waited for the sun
to rise. The breeze  had a no-nonsense flair to it.
The morning waves looked harmless and not really
interested in jerking me off. It was impossible to
imagine this was one of the places where Tsunami had
People always crib about how humid it is (especially
in the afternoon) when they are close to a beach.
But to me, it is like being at home. I have always
found it to be energizing as compared to that of any
other non beach city.
I swam around for half an hour and was back floating
in the sea when I saw the first rays of sun…those
golden strings of a mysterious musical instrument
played by the Nature.
I stood there watching the sun rise literally* out of
the sea like a new-born child coming out of the Mother’s
womb. Involuntarily, my hands caressed the sea for a
bit of water and offered the Arghya to the greatest
source of energy.
That is when I realized of the one certainty of my life
about the only certainty in our lives. I could see it
very clearly that no matter where I go and what I do, I
am going to come back to a sea. Yes, that is where I am
going to end up settling and live the rest of my life.
No Idea what that place is but I can see a smalltown
beachside shack 🙂
*all of my previous encounters with sunrise at a beach
were clouded by the cloudy morning weather.

p.s : I never thought I would like Chennai..

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Nature is Mathematics

Awesome video and not to mention the incredible background score..Violin!!

So, what is the universal language? math, music, nature or…food 🙂

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Tu Jaane Naa..

I search for you all the time like a dusty window pane
looking for drops of rain, washing away all the memories..
The smell of first rains so pure for my muddy life..

and then I see you, I wish we could just stand there for eternity..

I am you and you are me and the world going hazy..

A day remembered amongst the days forgotten…

that one look of yours towards me for a moment, to know that you know..
the next moment you walk  away with your allies..
Know then did I, we are still  holding each other,
the tenderness of yours against the rustiness of mine…
A moment for a lifetime and a lifetime in a moment..

I say, you know the scent of yours I could sense from miles away..
Oh Dog, You say I am so ridiculous but the smile
of yours feels like a breeze on a hot summer noon..
You are the reason I love the world and you are the
reason I love myself..

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Growing up, I had always been into sports, be it Football,
Cricket or Basket Ball (which definitely deserves another post).
Somehow, I never really got hooked to baddy…probably
because I used play baddy outdoors with wooden rackets, without
the nets along with the varying wind conditions combined with
really cheap shuttles 🙂 . In the past 3 years though, the story
has changed completely. I still play football almost twice a
week, but the way I am hooked to baddy is nothing short
of an addiction. I have been playing it regularly at all
possible times; mornings, evenings, late nights.
The kind of effort that goes into footwork (especially in singles),
reflexes and the smashes, long rallies and the drop shots and
not to forget the disguised shots makes it such a kickass sport.
And have no doubt about the amount of focus that’s needed to
play the fastest racket sport.
We decided to study our footwork by taking a video 🙂 (thanks
to Maggie) and as you can see, below is the proof of how much
I still need to learn (consider the fact that this was early morning
and my body was still getting warmed up 🙂 ).
It had been quite a while (last winter) since this video was
taken, so you can assume I am definitely a lot better now 🙂


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E Baala Haadiyalli

Amongst a few good Kannada movies, this one was my favourite in the 90s
and it still is..Beladingala Baale..In this clip, actor Anant Nag explains the
4 stages of life as written by Thomas Reilly..Enjoy… 🙂
For the non kannada folks..it goes something like below,
The first stage is when a person thinks he(or she) is bad and the world is a
crappy place too…
The second stage is when the person thinks he is of no good but is in awe
of the world..
In the third stage, he thinks he is really cool but the world around him is cruel…
Finally, he realizes that he is good…and the world is nice place too..
Very simple and easily understandable as it covers all the valid input conditions
of a 2 input (the person and the world) digital circuit. You can think of it as a
2 input “and gate“. Output will be 1(life is good) only when both the inputs are 1 🙂
A beautiful song from the same movie…nenapugala angaladi…


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Time It Was…

There was a time when my birthdays were Happy Birthdays.

There was a time when I used to feel elated when people sang the happy birthday song.

There was a time when I used to get something called post-Happy-Birthday-depression, the very next day of my Happy Birthday.

There was a time when I could not wait for the next Happy Birthday and wondered why it took so long.

There is this time when, for the first time I felt my birthdays are coming a lot frequently 🙂

I have crossed quarter century and I desperately wish to go back a few years,  not because I want to do           anything different but because I want to have more of those years 🙂 ( and because I am not sure I could manage that in the coming years).

This is a special moment folks 🙂 , things are changing and I have a feeling that others expect         me to be more responsible now.
Sigh! I don’t want to grow up!!

Enough Kachhings in this post. Check out the song
that starts in the  middle of the below video.

I assume you remember Kevin Arnold, Paul Pfeiffer
and of course Winnie Cooper. If not, keep checking 🙂
my youtube channel for more videos of The Wonder
p.s : The graph was hurriedly made out of MS excel!!

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