It just gets better…

To Fail is a shyte thing
as the smirk of the naysayers sinks in…
Failure makes you see things objectively
that had to be seen objectively…
Failure when understood is liberating…
And the pursuit of excellence continues..
To Fail is a good thing
It makes you cut the crap and focus on the real things…

A friend of mine had set the below quote as his signature for his outgoing emails.
I am not sure who the author is but here it goes

“Failure doesn’t define a person , what follows does.”



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3 responses to “It just gets better…

  1. I like the quote. Thats true failure does not define a person.

  2. bubblychica33…what a name 🙂

    yes, i agree with you…


    hange experimenting maga..just a nice channel for outlet 🙂

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