Droid Calling Nexus….Busy Tone

Everyone has something to hold on to..Everyone has
except the ones who don’t 🙂 ..For some it could
be their families, and for others it could be his/her
work!! Quite a few will do anything to maintain the
status quo and few can’t tolerate if their ego (or
religion) is touched. The impact of the actions that
people take depends on how much do they believe in
things that trigger them (whether it is good or bad).

It is always important to know this about people while
dealing with them to avoid any surprises.

Now what applies to a person in  microcosm also applies
to an organization in macrocosm. Also, in general the
core philosophy changes form being specific to generic
as we move from an individual to an organization.
Based on the above loose premise 🙂 , let me come
to the topic of this post…

While Motorola and Google are two big companies and
obviously would have known each others core business,
I am still surprized that they(MOTO) were a bit taken
aback when Nexus one came along.

Sometime back, Google developed Android OS for cell
phone systems, Motorola which had an ailing cell phone
business at that point and increasingly pressurized
by the foray of new smart phones coming to the market
(led by Iphone of course)was too happy to embrace
Android and introduced Droid.
Was Google more than being selfless in opening up the
Android source code? The assured answer turns out to be
a big yes though their publicly made comment was
something on the following lines “to have a healthy
competitive ecosystem in Mobile OS platforms and to
ensure Apple doesn’t become Microsoft of Smartphones”.
Anyway as we all know, Google did introduce a new
smartphone called Nexus one based on Android. Now, why
would google which was marketing Android to the cell
phone companies started to compete against its customers!
Did Google decide to enter  a new industry?

A brief history…
Google has been gobbling most of the market share in
search based ad revenues over the years and things
were fine as long as the most of these searches were
PC based. Enter smart phones and you have a gradual
shift in more and more searches from PC to these phones
and google definitely wanted a piece of this (as they
were quick to recognize that smartphone based search is
the future). The profit google makes through ads is so
huge that they really don’t care if they give away turn
by turn navigation application for free (a move turning
out to be a death blow to leaders in specialized GPS
devices/apps) along with Android.

Till, apple introduced iphone, except for a couple of
companies like Palm and Blackberry, no other cell phone
companies were too keen on this high end market (since
most of their revenues came from selling low to middle
range cell phones) and were suddenly caught unaware by
Iphone which changed the whole cell phone game. They
did not have the OS/software to actually get into the
smartphone market on time while Apple with its head
start was sitting pretty. So it was not a surprize that
Google having the Android (with its varied features)
almost ready and free was too good to be left untouched
for the cell phone companies.

To summarize, the birth of Android followed by Google’s
entry into Smartphones was mainly to extend the search
spectrum for Google. Note that there were also these
rumours which made Google to have a more direct control
of its smart phone searches by having its own phone which
inevitably meant competing with other Android based phones.
This was a high risk decision and until now, it has paid
off well for google as we see that smartphone business is
increasingly turning out be a 2 player game by the day.

Coming back to Motorola??? If Motorola had known about
Nexus, would it still have embraced Android, I guess it
did not have any choice at that moment but atleast it
would have prepared for it or negotiated a better deal
with Google. And we all know once you start using
something which is good and cheap (Android in this case),
it is always hard to go back. All izz not so well for
Motorola but atleast it is good to see it is doing
something and then there is this.

If you have made it till now, I think you need get the
above s**t out of your system, don’t worry Google has a
solution to that via Google toilet 🙂 ..


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