New Buzz on Google Reader

Ok with all the initial buzz about Google Buzz in Google Buzz,
I decided to set things right (atleast  from my perspective 🙂 ).
Google Buzz is cool in the fact that it is embedded inside the
gmail account and one can connect multiple sites using that. Did
you notice Orkut (and for that matter facebook or any other social
networking site )is not one of them?
Ok, Buzz is not another networking site per se.
Google apps which includes gmail, orkut, youtube, Reader etc has
almost every possible replacement (except for twitter)for most of
the crazy things that web 2.0 can do (and in some cases Google is
a leader in that app). With Google Buzz, they have shot an arrow
at twitter while also increasing the presence of people on Google
profiles and Reader. Taking my own example, only around 15% of my
chat contacts used Google Reader before Buzz and just in a day,
there is a huge spike in the number of requests I am getting on
Reader. Google Reader was probably the only Google app which had
not created much buzz and was used only by a dedicated set of nerds
and information junkies. Google frequently made many significant
and some trivial updates to Reader but nothing I guess did much to
increase its popularity except for being acknowledge by existing
users. Google finally must have decided..”if new users are not coming
to Reader, we will take Reader to them and while doing so, we will
also take a shot at twitter.” Google Buzz is undoubtedly the best
thing that has happened for Google Reader, we need to see how it
turns out.
If Google is listening, please consider the below for the next version.

Typically, I am not continuously logged into twitter/facebook/orkut
(I find it too distracting..I have a job you know 🙂 ), but I
usually have my Reader open just to read anything interesting from
the subscribed sites. Now, whenever I write something cool on
my blog (as I am doing now 🙂 ) or I read some crazy stuff,
I would love to share it across Reader,twitter, facebook,blogs etc
with just one click. Currently, the easiest way to do it is to get
stuff on my Reader, share them. There is a 3rd party application
called twitterfeed which connects Reader to twitter. Have a twitter
widget on other sites/blogs which will show the shared items.
But  twitterfeed is too clumsy and at times, not realtime and limits
the number of items that could be shared. With Google Buzz, Google
has addressed the problem but not completely solved it. We now seem
to have a one way traffic from twitter to Buzz but it would be good
to have seamless two way traffic across multiple platforms so I can
share them with just one click and people can view them from whatever
sites they have logged into.  Amen 🙂


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