Time It Was…

There was a time when my birthdays were Happy Birthdays.

There was a time when I used to feel elated when people sang the happy birthday song.

There was a time when I used to get something called post-Happy-Birthday-depression, the very next day of my Happy Birthday.

There was a time when I could not wait for the next Happy Birthday and wondered why it took so long.

There is this time when, for the first time I felt my birthdays are coming a lot frequently 🙂

I have crossed quarter century and I desperately wish to go back a few years,  not because I want to do           anything different but because I want to have more of those years 🙂 ( and because I am not sure I could manage that in the coming years).

This is a special moment folks 🙂 , things are changing and I have a feeling that others expect         me to be more responsible now.
Sigh! I don’t want to grow up!!

Enough Kachhings in this post. Check out the song
that starts in the  middle of the below video.

I assume you remember Kevin Arnold, Paul Pfeiffer
and of course Winnie Cooper. If not, keep checking 🙂
my youtube channel for more videos of The Wonder
p.s : The graph was hurriedly made out of MS excel!!

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  1. chirag

    very nice blogs,…..

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