E Baala Haadiyalli

Amongst a few good Kannada movies, this one was my favourite in the 90s
and it still is..Beladingala Baale..In this clip, actor Anant Nag explains the
4 stages of life as written by Thomas Reilly..Enjoy… 🙂
For the non kannada folks..it goes something like below,
The first stage is when a person thinks he(or she) is bad and the world is a
crappy place too…
The second stage is when the person thinks he is of no good but is in awe
of the world..
In the third stage, he thinks he is really cool but the world around him is cruel…
Finally, he realizes that he is good…and the world is nice place too..
Very simple and easily understandable as it covers all the valid input conditions
of a 2 input (the person and the world) digital circuit. You can think of it as a
2 input “and gate“. Output will be 1(life is good) only when both the inputs are 1 🙂
A beautiful song from the same movie…nenapugala angaladi…


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3 responses to “E Baala Haadiyalli

  1. Thats a beautiful song.. nenapugala angaladi…

  2. i like that dialogue from the movie too! thanks for reminding me about it.

  3. @wandelust welcome and thanks for dropping in 🙂

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