Growing up, I had always been into sports, be it Football,
Cricket or Basket Ball (which definitely deserves another post).
Somehow, I never really got hooked to baddy…probably
because I used play baddy outdoors with wooden rackets, without
the nets along with the varying wind conditions combined with
really cheap shuttles 🙂 . In the past 3 years though, the story
has changed completely. I still play football almost twice a
week, but the way I am hooked to baddy is nothing short
of an addiction. I have been playing it regularly at all
possible times; mornings, evenings, late nights.
The kind of effort that goes into footwork (especially in singles),
reflexes and the smashes, long rallies and the drop shots and
not to forget the disguised shots makes it such a kickass sport.
And have no doubt about the amount of focus that’s needed to
play the fastest racket sport.
We decided to study our footwork by taking a video 🙂 (thanks
to Maggie) and as you can see, below is the proof of how much
I still need to learn (consider the fact that this was early morning
and my body was still getting warmed up 🙂 ).
It had been quite a while (last winter) since this video was
taken, so you can assume I am definitely a lot better now 🙂



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3 responses to “Sweat…

  1. nice post. I wanted to comment on the court 😉

  2. Hey..hey..thanks dude..for the PJ!

  3. rahul

    hey mahesh dude, which is this place? lemme guess NGV koramangala? Please lemme know this place, is it f’king crowded on weekends ?

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