Tu Jaane Naa..

I search for you all the time like a dusty window pane
looking for drops of rain, washing away all the memories..
The smell of first rains so pure for my muddy life..

and then I see you, I wish we could just stand there for eternity..

I am you and you are me and the world going hazy..

A day remembered amongst the days forgotten…

that one look of yours towards me for a moment, to know that you know..
the next moment you walk  away with your allies..
Know then did I, we are still  holding each other,
the tenderness of yours against the rustiness of mine…
A moment for a lifetime and a lifetime in a moment..

I say, you know the scent of yours I could sense from miles away..
Oh Dog, You say I am so ridiculous but the smile
of yours feels like a breeze on a hot summer noon..
You are the reason I love the world and you are the
reason I love myself..


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