Besant nagar beach

I decided to touch the water as I waited for the sun
to rise. The breeze  had a no-nonsense flair to it.
The morning waves looked harmless and not really
interested in jerking me off. It was impossible to
imagine this was one of the places where Tsunami had
People always crib about how humid it is (especially
in the afternoon) when they are close to a beach.
But to me, it is like being at home. I have always
found it to be energizing as compared to that of any
other non beach city.
I swam around for half an hour and was back floating
in the sea when I saw the first rays of sun…those
golden strings of a mysterious musical instrument
played by the Nature.
I stood there watching the sun rise literally* out of
the sea like a new-born child coming out of the Mother’s
womb. Involuntarily, my hands caressed the sea for a
bit of water and offered the Arghya to the greatest
source of energy.
That is when I realized of the one certainty of my life
about the only certainty in our lives. I could see it
very clearly that no matter where I go and what I do, I
am going to come back to a sea. Yes, that is where I am
going to end up settling and live the rest of my life.
No Idea what that place is but I can see a smalltown
beachside shack 🙂
*all of my previous encounters with sunrise at a beach
were clouded by the cloudy morning weather.

p.s : I never thought I would like Chennai..


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