With the flow of life

We had travelled non stop from Bangalore->Delhi->Haridwar->
Rishikesh->Rudraprayag, with a short stay at Rishikesh. We
finally decided to halt at Rudraprayag in a government tourist
house (GMVN). It was night 10 o clock. The 2 week-long trek in
the remote hills of Garhwal Himalayas was about to start soon
and we desperately  wanted to have a good night sleep and rest
as much as possible. As we went to our rooms, we could figure
out that a stream is flowing nearby as the gushing sound of
the force filled our rooms with a rustic smell.
We woke up to a most delightful surprize and a superb view of
of the very identity of Rudraprayag. The whole night, we were
sleeping right next to the sacred place where Mandakini and
Alaknanda meet 🙂 …. the below photo was taken from
the GMVN tourist house.

The morning chill, the place, the coffee, the long deep breaths and the sound of the
temple bells..Blessed were we to witness it..


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