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A Lazy Weekend

“To Miss Hermoine Jean Granger, I leave my copy of The Tales of Beedle The Bard,
in the hope that she will find it entertaining and instructive”…reads the will
of Albus Dumbledore(excerpts from the 7th book)…
well, I got the book finally in a long line of queue(thanks to Sandya who
paid the astronomical price for it in these times of recession)..
I felt it was somewhat instructive(about and to the magical community of-course)
like what can and what cannot be done with magic and how it has its own
limitations!!…Also, some gaps were filled up…like what had led to the irk
b/w Lucious Malfoy and Dumbledore and why Malfoy thought Dumbledore was the worst
thing that happened to Hogwarts..etc but entertaining?…well, yes if you read
this before you even started with the Philosopher’s stone…Actually, she does
mention that it is not a long book(7th book) but I had never expected that I
would finish it before I even knew I had started…
Anyway, all I would request The legendary J K Rowling is provide something
more for the Harry potter fans who have stayed with it from the beginning till
the end…A yearn for one more stroke of genius..If you ask me, how about the
first wizarding war that happened and so less is known about it..A prequel
that ends where the philosopher’s stone begins..

The Spirit of Mumbai
Well, It was mostly a laid back week for me ending with an even more sloppy weekend..
The cricket b/w Australia and South Africa were the bright spots..Finally we have
someone to bring Australians down to Earth..
And, I watched Slumdog Millionare..hmmm, a good movie but i guess it is a little
overrated with all the golden globes..I guess Amitabh is partly right here though
he expresses an extreme reaction..I think the movie represents only a part of Mumbai(the
tragedy of extreme poverty and the spirit of the slums right next to a sea of
skyscrapers..), something that I am convinced more and more as I flip through the
pages of Maximum city..I have just finished about less than quarter of the book
and am already lost..There are stories inside stories which gets complicated by the
day(or rather by the page), horrors that can make a man mentally shut for the rest
of his life..Still, I doubt whether a single book or a movie can capture the spirit of
Mumbai, which is precisely the reason I feel slumdog has been hyped..There are
movies like Satya, Company, Mumbai meri Jaan and A Wednesday(a few I could
immediately think of) that are predominantly plotted around the life in Mumbai and
countless other movies shot against the background of Mumbai experience..Some of
them are brilliantly done and deserve the same recognition as that of slumdog…

Well, watch Slumdog for the below reasons
1) an Interesting plot, which I am surprized people in Bollywood overlooked and it
took an outsider to expose it..
2) Awesome acting by all the child actors(they were better than their older versions)
3) Rahman’s Background score(Though, definately not one of his bests)
If you still yearn to know more about Mumbai, then pick up Shantaram/Maximum City..

With all the movies and books giving me the second hand account down the ages,
I had a subconscious desire to go visit the place myself..This was precisely
the reason I had in mind when I somehow managed to talk my friends into ending
our year-end trip in Mumbai(Though I am modest enough 😉 to acknowledge the timely
help by Adiga “on where to stay” did the trick and shut the final few opposing mouths)..
The 3 days spent was hardly anything to get the feel of the city and to say that
I was totally bowled over by the place would be a childish infatuation..But, It
complemented well to our previous 4 days of trip where in we were trekking around
khandala being with the nature and not seeing much of the crowd..
Whether it is Haji Ali(where there were more people with tilak on their forehead
than any other sect) or the picturesque Gateway, Taj and Nariman point in one shot
as you go to the elephanta caves, One could sense the city’s vibrant energy in the
humid air..
Whether it is a big dusty mirror attached to a dark SBI building compound and a
high chair in-front of the mirror to form a low cost barber shop or a khufi falooda,
bhelpuri at the Juhu/chowpaty, they have one thing in their mind…dhanda..
Whether it is the local trains where in people flock around as if they can’t miss
out anything or the high class society buzzing through countless merc, both have
one thing in common in their mind..Time
Given a choice, I would definitely choose to stay in Mumbai(and look forward to
the countless options for the weekend hangouts 😉 ) atleast for a couple of years and
was really disappointed to know there is no TI Bombay..
Finally, I think a city’s greatness lies in its ability to inspire creativity
among the lives nourished by its soil and in this regard, no other city comes not even
closer to Mumbai, followed probably by Newyork or wait Istanbul/Orhan Pamuk?..
As I sign off, here’s the outcome of my slothful youtube weekend..
Australian open starting tomorrow, we have a 4th candidate for the throne this
year..the superbly in form Andy Murray(especially on the hard court)..But as
usual, I blindly hope to see Fed regaining the glory…Good news number 1, Murray
and Nadal might fall in the same group…

But wait, If you have followed till now, I need to mention one more
thing (triggered by a song video of Dev D I just saw on Youtube)
I think 2008 had been a flop year for Bollywood movies except for one or two
like Rock On..But lately, I have been watching a few Abhay deol’s Movies and
Man,they are really good..Most of them are offbeat movies and I am glad he
finally broke off the family tradition of manufacturing mindless action films..
Suggested watching(If you have not already seen it)

1)Manorama 6ft under
2)Ek chalis ki Last Local
3)Oye Lucky Lucky (though part of the story is akin to “Catch me if you can” and
some scenes might remind you of “Gone in 60 seconds”, it’s definitely worth a watch)
And I can’t wait for his next one



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