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short stories…fictional characters around real incidents!!

Tu Jaane Naa..

I search for you all the time like a dusty window pane
looking for drops of rain, washing away all the memories..
The smell of first rains so pure for my muddy life..

and then I see you, I wish we could just stand there for eternity..

I am you and you are me and the world going hazy..

A day remembered amongst the days forgotten…

that one look of yours towards me for a moment, to know that you know..
the next moment you walk  away with your allies..
Know then did I, we are still  holding each other,
the tenderness of yours against the rustiness of mine…
A moment for a lifetime and a lifetime in a moment..

I say, you know the scent of yours I could sense from miles away..
Oh Dog, You say I am so ridiculous but the smile
of yours feels like a breeze on a hot summer noon..
You are the reason I love the world and you are the
reason I love myself..


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Never look into their eyes

“good luck son, I know you are gonnna make us proud”- said
Mash to his son Black..It was Black`s big day (or rather big
night)..all his years of learning, dedication and skills will
be put to test and depending on his performance, he might or
might not be asked to join and officially become part of the
group…He was nervous but determined..
“Shit man…I will freeze to death if I go by bike in this
weather”- Barrel muttered to himself…he was big, tall with
long hair and ideal for a bouncer job in a pub..He was about
to leave his office after a long day`s work…That was his
first mistake, leaving office so late(it was around 1 am )…
his second was not to take his bike..
Black went to get a final approval from Don Megartho, the leader
of the tribe who was in his usual demeaning demeanour with deep
set eyes, rotten over the years but sharpened….long years before
when the gang wars had ended and there remained only 2 gangs, it
was imminent that there was going to be one more massacre before
the dawn of peace..It was the mother of all fights when Megartho
came face to face with Sacretop, the leader of the rival gang…
Both smiled, knowing; this could be their last one because the
fight would not end till one of them died..and they fought
hard as if the night belonged to them, the threatening sounds
penetrated the tribal land rousing weak souls(Hedo sapiens..that’s
what Megartho called the self centered, pleasure seeking habitats)
from their sleep..with the early rays of sun marking the beginning,
Megartho had struck Sacretop with a final blow…
Barrel was one of the hedo sapiens..he strode along in the chilly
night which could not stop him sweating…he had been leading
quite a sedentary life, he thought…he was slogging day and
night for a deadline and would have done the same tonight if
he had not received the mail saying the project had been scrapped..
that’s explanations, no reasons except that the management
thought the product would be obsolete by the time it entered market…
“They should have known this before, that’s what they are paid for..all
the stuff I worked on, all the time spent is obliterated by one
simple stroke..”he had yelled..He now was walking home..He had no
idea he is just being followed and watched lest what awaited him…..

“The bite of the triumph”- as Megartho called it, made him the undisputed
ruler and from then on he had been working ruthlessly to unite, invigorate
and strategize the tribe all around the planet….It had been a daunting
task but not enough to supress the revenge and the anger burning in him
against the assaulters of Laika(oh Laika), the hedo sapiens..Tonight, he
was in this new place and incidentaly it turned out to be the initiation
test of Black..Don Megartho stood up..he was little past his prime but
big, strong and been-there-done-that leader which made everyone stop
murmuring and pay attention…
The follower passed Barrel as he stopped for a hot tea and smoke, roadside
just off the tech park..He had not smoked for a long time but he needed it ease his mind and think about re-organising his life..He
smoked for a while, thinking.. “what about an excursion, trekking…
but for that I need to get back my fitness..”so he decided to hit the
gym first thing in the morning, that’s when he thought of the last time
he had woken up early, he had had a nightmare..he still remembered the
mad, disturbed faces mocking him..”It had not been jogging, it had been
a run for his life..shivering, he was shocked at the stupidity of his
idea of walking now at these hours..How can he forget that..” with these
thoughts he looked around and started pacing, thinking about the cosy
his home looked a distant mirage..

Warriors and can`t-wait-to-be-one warriors, Long time ago when we had not
realized our potential, we were being harassed, ridiculed and made to slog
for the Hedosapiens..They took us for granted and treated us no better than
worms..But the gravest of all was when they took my Laika and sucked the
breath out of her in the full presence of all living beings..More than
humiliation, it had been the tallest tragedy both personally and to our race
in general..and from the deepest of the mourning came the shine of light
which made me realize that they thought we were their bitterest enemy and
hence they had to satisfy the Space God with our blood..The survival of our
race was threatened more than ever and I had to act and I did whatever I did
because I intended to..and I am happy that I have been successful in uniting
the race..But the time is then and the time is now..yes, the time has come to
retaliate and I shall let you know soon when that is….Lets fight for our
survival, freedom and lets fight for my Laika……
” Dekoi, the follower cut the
jubilation as he shouted “he is coming..he is coming”..Black got ready as
everybody else hid…
Barrel turned left, crossed the street and headed to the road leading to his
home..His fears were manifested as he heard a distant bark and a dog came
out of nowhere to the middle of the was about a 100 metres away from
Barrel..he was not sure whether it was barking at him, but he could not see
any other person or dog..the nearest street light was around 250 metres away..
He hesitated, thought for a moment and decided to continue walking..As he got
nearer, the barking became ferocious and the dog moved towards him oscillating
back and forward..He didn`t know what to do..He thought of running, but that
would unnecessarily draw attention if he is not the target..the fact that it
had not attacked him yet made him feel a little strong(he was quite big..mind
you) and brave..he decided to act offensive and looked at the dog…for a moment
he could not locate it in the darkness,
then he saw it..
and he was seen..
eye to eye..
it was a few metres in-front of him…ugly and the eyes were glittering
with lust for flesh…he went numb as he gulped the left-out saliva off his
dried-out tongue..The dog stopped barking, jumped and he closed his eyes…

He heard another bark, a sound enough to penetrate his numbness in the
chilly whether…”Am I dead?”, he thought…but he could hear his heart pounding..
He slightly opened his eyes and the dog was not at the place the last time he had
seen..he looked around and saw a bigger dog(bigger than he had ever seen) barking
at the first by one, more dogs came out and they were distancing
themselves from him….he could not believe his luck..
“EEENOUGH…ENOUGH…you didn`t deserve need more training, you were
really scared of him till you could see fear in his eyes…I don`t need such
pimps in my army!!!” shouted Megartho at him in particular, everyone in general
and hinted Mash to take his son out of his sight before he killed him…

Mash:-A Fluffy aging dober man
Don Megartho;- Black Caucasian Ovcharka
Sacretop;- Bull dog
Laika ;- need I say more
Dekoi ;- A Reconnaissance foxish dog
Barrel ;- anyone who had the time of his life when caught among a bunch of maddeningly
mad street hounds, managed to escape and is reading this…


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Monsoon Crush

“Hey, lets stop somewhere here for sometime..”..cried someone…
there was a small shop on that deserted road..
He parked his bike and looked around…
It was a perfect morning and the early sun rays…
pierced through the trees as if to show him the path..
he stretched and walked towards what seemed
to be a pretty big bangalow and the only one in the street..
It had a big lawn in the front and a court-yard…

then he saw her,…
then he could see nothing else..
she was playing something in the court yard…probably baddy..
she bent down to pick something and turned back to look at him..
amused, she resumed the game..
there was nothing to hide..
the moment she glanced at him she knew everything about him…
He had never seen a more beautiful smile..a smile so bright…
even the sun blushed and hid himself in the monsoon cloud..
then there was another person on the other side, playing..or was there?
He was not sure as everything,everywhere he looked, he saw nothing but her..
He also saw himself in her, like never before…
but the way he always wanted himself to be…

He could see her hair go crazy as she played, he could see
her half ironed t-shirt..It had 22 written on it…
he could see himself walking with her as one,
his hand along her waist….her`s around his shoulders…
This is crazy, he thought I can`t be here and everywhere, at the same time..
This is Love… beyond reason and only to be experienced…

“Dude…she is the one I was searching for….Its like…
I knew all the while and remembered it just now…”
puff of smoke off his mouth as he spoke…
“If you are done…kick the butt and lets get to work…there is lot to do…”
and just like that they were back to banging their heads infront of the comp…
simulating waveforms as the monsoon showered tears…

p.s;- Monsoon has been great..wish I was lost in some thick forest out in the western ghats finding my way in!!


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The Canal…..

As Raki stood at the train door,he tried hard to remember
the high school days,an urge that was triggered by an
incident that happened as he got into the train,home
bound..Now as he lighted his cigarette and sat down the
door step with the train travelling at 60 miles an hour…
memories opened themselves as a flower bud does…..

“Siddu jump man, its pretty deep here”-said Raki…
Siddu was sitting on a branch of tree at the canal bank..
It was a hot sunny afternoon,the perfect time to get into
water at the outskirts of the city..”I have a cricket match
and I need to be there as fast as I can”,Raki had lied
bluntly to his Mom…”Why can`t you sleep in the afternoon
and play in the evening when the sun is down”-his Mom yelled
as he slipped through the back door….actually the plan was
to get into the river canal in the afternoon and play in the
evening… here they were,9 of them in the canal switching
b/w trees and water showing their expertise in aquabatics….
they climbed on the cows,bulls which were being brought for
their weekly ablutions…they had this game in which one has
to jump from one cow or bull to another and go on without
falling into the water..this gets really interesting if the
concerned animal moves when one is mid-air and he lands up
at its back…..
The winner is the person who jumps over maximum number of
cows/bulls…he will be bowled an over by the rest of the
boys post the evening cricket match..that means the winner
will get 8 overs of unrestrained batting……
The aquabatics went on for almost 4-5 months,every weekend..
one of those fine days,Raki`s house maid saw him while
he was on his way back from the canal….”what are you
doing here”..she was shocked “I..ehhh…nothing,its a good
place and I” maan he could not even lie as
the Muddy road he was on,leads to nothing but the canal…
“please do not tell anyone at home,I promise I won`t even
look in this direction again”-Raki pleaded…It didn`t work
as the maid proudly proclaimed it is her duty to let his
parents know about this….
Raki came back to the park near his house where they played
cricket daily,but that day he was in no mood to play,so he
sat down on one corner watching the boys play..thinking about
ways to come out of the problem..he fantasized himself by
imagining a lightning being struck to the maid while she was
on her way home and hoped the info had not been leaked…
During lunch on Sunday,his Boss(father) was in a pretty good
mood as he started the discussion…. is your studies going on?
Raki:good..ok,(why do they have start every conversation with
the same question)
Boss:Looks like you are not in a hurry today,not playing cricket
Raki:no,not now..probably in the evening..
Boss:so what is the plan for afternoon..not going anywhere..
city outskirts
(there it is..our maid has finally exercised her duty) seriously i didn`t go to the canal..i just
went to my friend`s place which is near that place
Boss:canal? i didn`t even mention how long you have
been doing this?
Raki:only once(his brother coughed)…i promise i won`t be
going again
Boss:Exactly..don`t you feel disgusting to swim at a place
where people are washing clothes,cows..
Raki:there is this new place we found out and that is really good..
Boss(interrupting):new place,you said you went there only once
brother:ha ha..caught you (as if he was the one who caught…)
Boss:I do not care how many times you have gone there,I want
you to stop going there from now on…if you want to learn
swimming,you can always learn it from Palappa at the farm well..
(Palappa was the farmer looking after their coconut farm…..
the well over there was nothing but 6ft/5ft/5ft cement pool to
store water from the bore well..the power supply in the farm
was as eventful as India winning an Olympic medal,so they used
to pump water into the well whenever there was power only to use
it later..)
Raki:but it is so small that it feels like a bathtub when you
get in…
Boss:that does not mean you can do whatever you want without
letting anyone know….looks like, the new MLA is planning to
construct a public swimming pool,till then you are not going
for almost a month Raki did not go to the canal but the urge
to control himself was being gradually won over by the urge
to loose control whenenver he heard the after-stories of his
friends` visit to the canal..
Muddy(Praveen):we saw a water snake today,it was almost 15ft
and went right next to me..
Raki(deliberately interrupting):Guess what!! I made a new kite
today and it went so high I could not even see it after sometime…
(he wanted to let them know that he too had some fun without
the canal..)
Muddy:Hey hey no way, i guess it would have broken down and
must have fallen on some tree
Raki:I still have the kite with me,mind you…it is very strong
and light too…
Siddu:Anyway,I am sure it can not go as high as mine..last
week when I was flying it,there was this aeroplane which came
so close to it..for a Moment I thought there would be a
crash…quickly, I pulled the thread and was able to get my
kite below the plane…
(considering how infrequently the planes cross over his
hometown..probably 3 or 4 a year…Raki had no choice but to
believe him..)
Raki:ok..lets have a kite fight then..lets see who is gonna
Muddy:cut it man,there is nothing as fun as the canal..we just
found out one more place near the bypass..there is a bridge
almost 20ft high..diving from there is the next big thing to be takes guts to even stand on it and look over the water
Vinny:Ya None of us have dived from the bridge till now…but
watch out for me as sooner or later I am gonna do it..
the stories got more enticing with their every visit and Raki
found it harder to follow Boss`s orders……….to be continued


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