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The world within and without

Nature is Mathematics

Awesome video and not to mention the incredible background score..Violin!!

So, what is the universal language? math, music, nature or…food 🙂


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E Baala Haadiyalli

Amongst a few good Kannada movies, this one was my favourite in the 90s
and it still is..Beladingala Baale..In this clip, actor Anant Nag explains the
4 stages of life as written by Thomas Reilly..Enjoy… 🙂
For the non kannada goes something like below,
The first stage is when a person thinks he(or she) is bad and the world is a
crappy place too…
The second stage is when the person thinks he is of no good but is in awe
of the world..
In the third stage, he thinks he is really cool but the world around him is cruel…
Finally, he realizes that he is good…and the world is nice place too..
Very simple and easily understandable as it covers all the valid input conditions
of a 2 input (the person and the world) digital circuit. You can think of it as a
2 input “and gate“. Output will be 1(life is good) only when both the inputs are 1 🙂
A beautiful song from the same movie…nenapugala angaladi…


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It just gets better…

To Fail is a shyte thing
as the smirk of the naysayers sinks in…
Failure makes you see things objectively
that had to be seen objectively…
Failure when understood is liberating…
And the pursuit of excellence continues..
To Fail is a good thing
It makes you cut the crap and focus on the real things…

A friend of mine had set the below quote as his signature for his outgoing emails.
I am not sure who the author is but here it goes

“Failure doesn’t define a person , what follows does.”


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A superb video brilliantly capturing the commonly missed moments when they
are happening and commonly described as the best moments down the years
as we stop having such moments..!!

A moment passes by whether we seize it or not
and a moment seized is a moment lived.. – mahesh 😉

p.s: Ok..I didn’t stop writing because I was busy and I actually
had lots of things to write but couldn’t find time..blah.blah…
and no, not because of this also…
Important thing is…I am back and isn’t that what you guys want 🙂

An superb video brilliantly capturing the commonly misssed moments when they
are happenning and commonly described as the best moments down the years
as we stop having such moments!!

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The Water Bearer

Behold hey yeh, here I come to cross
yeh mighty river from the darkest grass
I am the bearer of the purest stream,
from the lands where no evil has been

Yeh must be naive to speaketh of thee
I am no darker than thy stream will be
I am known to be shrewed like none other
Bow to me and you shall reap my favor

Gush away from my path yeh must
As I sail through the forest and dust
on a purpose highest among the kites
tied to my roots and free from the pirates

The life my way as you seeketh treasure
moving with the flow is all bliss and pleasure
Ask not who yeh are and yeh shall see son
the purpose is a trap to make yeh burn

Behold hey yeh for I have seen this in my dream
the eternal sun, the blue ocean and the stream
Yeh shall not wither me from your worldly lies
for I am to drown in the depths of her eyes


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The Stink of Nobody

I wake up early with the sun rising,
raising my hopes for the new day beginning
and I have worked in multiple tech parks,
had always been early in the hope of little extra perks..
well, today I am standing in a new one
as people pass by me as if there is no one
I try to engage them in a talk
they flee away as if am something disgusting on their sock
A few would mind looking at what I had to offer
But none ever smiles lest they in-turn had to proffer
So I stand here still beaming as the afternoon sun glares
at peace with my sweaty self wondering about all those constipated stares
the lone tree next to me thanks for being its friend
and utters “Behold my mate, this is just the beginning of the end
There is something magnificent about the Mahogany
against the background of the misty evening agony..
longing for its lost leaves and daring for its redemption..
as if it is ready to take one drop a time, of an ocean…
So long, I am weakened and it is a clueless night
I know I am dying but there is another day and another fight


Me and Reddy had left office early today to watch Fed’s match against Safin,
but unfortunately the net was totally down at his home, so we ended talking
crap and checking scores in b/w(the match got over really fast)..after an hour or so,
I was coming back and was thinking whether to go home or to office and so I
did the only thing I do when confused….”go to the sutta shop” near Bagmane
tech park, where my account runs endlessly..
that’s where I saw this guy who was selling pamphlets of god knows what deals..
probably air-tel, hutch, home-loans, credit cards..etc..etc..Along with
telemarketing, this is an such an ineffective advertising strategy that I
feel like strangling whoever that big, fatty, smug faced marketing idiot is, who
conceived this and put so many young lives into mere existence…the lives which
otherwise, I am sure would have thought of some other better jobs for themselves…
The first Paragraph above(which I dare say that I can call it as a poem!! ) was an
attempt(from my screwed up mind) to write from a perspective of countless such
lives who are nobody in this big cruel world..I don’t think I have done slightest
of justice to their struggles because, I know that neither I have the mindset nor
the guts to do more than this plain acknowledgement(and lately my own life for
that matter!!)…So there goes a day in the life of such a life!!

Well, have a nice weekend and a rocking 😉 R-day on 26th…considering the
present economic climate, this year we can simply call it a Recession-Day..


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Folks, was out on leave for sometime..actually, been on kind of hibernation,
and I think I will continue to be for a while 🙂 it’s gonna be sometime
before I conjure up things to write…Just tuck in the below for the time being 🙂

I found this awesome poem in a book called “The Tibetan Book of Living
and Dying”(Worth a read..It’s like walking through a coral reef and finding bits
of blue stones serendipitously!!)..
Sogyal Rinpoche (author of the book) attributes this poem to Portia Nelson..
here it goes..

I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I fall in.
I am lost … I am helpless.
It isn’t my fault.
It takes me forever to find a way out.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don’t see it.
I fall in again.
I can’t believe I am in the same place
but, it isn’t my fault.
It still takes a long time to get out.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in … it’s a habit.
my eyes are open
I know where I am.
It is my fault.
I get out immediately.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.

I walk down another street.

How is it that, at some point in our life, something which we previously believed
to be true or something without which we thought we can not imagine our
lives, turns out to be another insignificant event in the political
game of the Cosmic Alchemist…
We move on getting out of one delusion to another still rattling our
brains in pursuit of new dreams and aspirations leaving the ones which we have
already realized….incomplete
Meanwhile as the number of Godel statements (The Incompleteness theorem is
probably the most complete theorem 🙂 ) become infinite, would we ever get
out of the system and think outside of the assumptions, theories embedded
in our neurotic matrix…


And here`s Eminem`s Lose Yourself….Awesome lyrics, Great Music..
One of the few songs that I keep coming back to once in a while, just to
be a little less insane…

p.s;- Got my first Patent approved!! on a work done almost an year ago..Anyway, Long live the USPTO 😉 …


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