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I am not sure whether you can change your future…but certainly, you can change the past
just by looking at it differently

Time It Was…

There was a time when my birthdays were Happy Birthdays.

There was a time when I used to feel elated when people sang the happy birthday song.

There was a time when I used to get something called post-Happy-Birthday-depression, the very next day of my Happy Birthday.

There was a time when I could not wait for the next Happy Birthday and wondered why it took so long.

There is this time when, for the first time I felt my birthdays are coming a lot frequently 🙂

I have crossed quarter century and I desperately wish to go back a few years,  not because I want to do           anything different but because I want to have more of those years 🙂 ( and because I am not sure I could manage that in the coming years).

This is a special moment folks 🙂 , things are changing and I have a feeling that others expect         me to be more responsible now.
Sigh! I don’t want to grow up!!

Enough Kachhings in this post. Check out the song
that starts in the  middle of the below video.

I assume you remember Kevin Arnold, Paul Pfeiffer
and of course Winnie Cooper. If not, keep checking 🙂
my youtube channel for more videos of The Wonder
p.s : The graph was hurriedly made out of MS excel!!

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To Angels, with love

It was like just another teacher`s day..
with a few articles in newspapers and
discussions in the media about the role of
teachers in today`s fast growing demanding
world…As I read some of the articles, thoughts
went back to my school days..Some of the best days
of my life as I am sure would be to many..There were
actually two teachers I would like to mention here..
Sudha and Ashalatha Madam..
They take a special place in my life as they had
been a great source of inspiration for me and I owe
them for all the little good that I am today (and I
hope I am brave enough to fight the darker side of mine..)
I don`t think I have ever missed their classes……..
both of them taught us science..Ms Sudha, in middle school..
She was an awesome poetess..she used to write a new poem every
week and we had to recite it every day (of that week) as it
ends..she always had her classes in the last session because
the headmaster knew no other teacher would be able to get
the tired students to listen as the day ends..
Ms.Ashalatha taught us in High school..She had her own
style of teaching..She used to start with quetions based
on whatever she had taught in the previous class..She was
really pretty and had a unique grace in her which made most
of us compete to answer the questions and crave for her
attention..It was like that innocent crush the students
have on their favorite teachers..And If we listened to
her class without making any noise, we would be rewarded
by her stories which ranged from Indian, Greek mythology
to her own experiences of the world and the society in general..
All of them ending with a great new lesson for us on how to
make our life what it is..beautiful and mysterious..
By the time I was in college, I came to know that both of
them had left the school…They had got married and moved
to a different place..and I was arrogant enough to not to
keep in touch..I really don`t know where they are now or what
they are doing… but I wish one day our paths would cross…
I have tried to capture below, what was so different about them and
of many men/women who have shown to the world what it takes to be oneself..


A Tribute..

one more year down the line
another grey strand on the hairy shine

there is one I know of…has seen summer and rain
shown in her gleamy, she is pristine

Strategist in head, love in her heart and celebrant in approach
as everyone around her felt..for them, she would vouch

She walked as if she was dancing freely
and for many like me she was like potter`s Lily
The shield of care and hope never broken
as she said many such things unspoken

The world knows of strong men, weak men and
weak women..while it is in awe of strong women
Look around you as we need them more than ever
as I hope am good enough to forget mine never

one more year down the line….
who cares, she will always be my valentine!!!

The video below is from the movie Dead Poets Society..
Robin Williams at his best….


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Who got Ragged ??

After a month of obsessive procrastination in my hometown, I
was really excited to get back to Bangalore for 3rd semester…
After all, we were seniors now and needed our bit of fun after
having coped with all those 5th sem guys in room c-3 during the
first year…
First of all, let me be clear on the definition of ragging in
my college, usually it starts with an introduction and if the
victim concerned has some real talent to show off, he/she will
be asked for the same.But, as the students were already under
pressure by the faculty (on internal marks) for all the
extra-curricular activities, I could say ragging was mostly
unknown in the campus.There was little bit of it outside the
college among Day-scholars which invariably led to the only
remaining centre-stage, the hostel….
It was around 9:15pm when we (myself,Sandeep) got the news
that IT-room 108 is again abuzz with juniors…All this while
room 108 had become the official or rather unofficial place
for the juniors to pay a holy visit on a sequential basis…
Anyway we were done with our movies quota for the day and had
nothing to do but look for a reason not to study for the internals,
scheduled 2 days later…so we ended up in the IT block room 108,
there were already 5 seniors and around 3 juniors, two of them were
being questioned and the third had just started to play some junkie
stuff on his guitar when Sriram came to the room, he was one of the
toppers in the first 2 sems and looked like one of the hobbits in lotr…
we used to call him Jai Sriram, chotu and other censorable
highly creative names depending on the situation…
“hambhi dekte yaar kya roha hai..hambi kuch ragging karte hai”-he
mumbled a he entered the room(looking at him, I was just concerned
it shouldn`t be the other way round)..
Anyway we (now there were 8 seniors and 3 juniors in that room)
started with one guy..Not wanting to name who said what(I really will
have squeeze each and every neuron to remember that)…below is
the description of what went on in that room
s1:kahah se be tu..
j1:madras but brought in delhi, Sir
s1:pata hai thu uncle sam ka beta hai..hindi me bat kar
s2:interrupting s1 “tho breakfast me idli sambar aur lunch me butter nan..
totally hybrid hai saala..abhi yaha bangalore me apni g**d m***ne aaya”
s4:achha bol, abhi hostel mess ka khana kaya..
j1:haa Sir..
s4:kaisa tha..
there was a knock on the door..
s1:”abhi kaun la**u aaya be” and went towards the door and opened it..

“Kya bhai abi tak soye nai…”- uttered the man as he entered..
Nobody dared to look at the door but each of us knew the voice
and knew that it would be better to flush ourselves down the
stinky hostel toilet than being caught red handed by the very
Warden of hostel..He took his time to look around and let it
sink for us, ‘ Baays you are doomed, you can make your point, I
will listen to it out of just sheer pity but i have already
made the decision….’
He asked the 3 juniors to go out of the room…..before that,
he checked with them whether anything serious had happened…
then j1(thank god he was smart enough) told the warden that
they had come here to enquire on some 1st semester books..
he was belted properly for trying to cover us and was asked
to come to warden office later…though he(warden) tried to keep
a serious face, deep down he was thoroughly enjoying as if he had
waited for this day for so long that the very purpose of his
becoming warden was this night of sadistic shit…and the way
he handled the situation with total calmness as if he had been
bestowed with the power to determine all our lives and where its
gonna end up..
He looked at all of us once and asked s2 to write the names.
Once it was done,he took the paper..went out and locked the room
from we were, 8 of us locked inside room 108..
what happened outside goes as below..

warden: hello sir,sorry to disturb you at this hour..but something
happened here which needs your attention..(He said this loud enough
just outside the door only to ensure we can overhear)
warden:there has been a ragging incident, I caught them red-hand,
let me check…8 of them and of course the 3 three juniors are
terribly scared to even speak.. I told them not to worry, but I
guess it will take sometime for them to get back to normal…….
‘utter nonsense..bullshit..we need to fix a dynamite up his..’
I am sure everyone in the locked room felt the same…
warden:ok sir,yes sir how about your office..all are
hostellites..tonight?..Is it not late for you..ok sir..c you then..

Then there was complete silence, the kind of deadly silence
which freezes your a** and you can`t even fart to break it..
nobody spoke on either side of the room..each one of us knew
we were getting into a bottomless well and hopelessly worrying
how to come out of it or at least know when and where will
we hit the bottom and how does it look like..After almost 30 mins
or so (during which we had already decided to plead the warden and
beg him for mercy) , it was around 12:15 pm when the room door
was opened…


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It was morning 5 o clock when the cell phone started
ringing and as usual i was the only one in the room
awake, trying hard to buzz off…sometimes its good
to be an insomniac,especially when you are a student
as you can make up for it by sleeping through the
classes..The day before, ND had got this new nokia
mobile…that was my first encounter with the device
and all of us in the room went through it as if it
was the next great invention after someone came up
with the the oral form of rectal thermometres….
Anyway,as I went to take the call,I thought..maan
It had not been 12 hours and already he is getting
calls at these unearthly hours… answer.. answer..just then ND,woken up by
this, started laughing his a** off…I didn`t know
what was the matter and he would not tell till he
wakes up everyone in the room…It was the cell alarm
which he had kept at 5 AM..huh..what a way to start
the day…an engineer being fooled by an electronics
gadget is similar to a policeman getting robbed(quota
of one pj per post)…

Myself,Nd,Raghu,Shanki and no 213
IT hostel PESIT….early 2003

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