New Buzz on Google Reader

Ok with all the initial buzz about Google Buzz in Google Buzz,
I decided to set things right (atleast  from my perspective 🙂 ).
Google Buzz is cool in the fact that it is embedded inside the
gmail account and one can connect multiple sites using that. Did
you notice Orkut (and for that matter facebook or any other social
networking site )is not one of them?
Ok, Buzz is not another networking site per se.
Google apps which includes gmail, orkut, youtube, Reader etc has
almost every possible replacement (except for twitter)for most of
the crazy things that web 2.0 can do (and in some cases Google is
a leader in that app). With Google Buzz, they have shot an arrow
at twitter while also increasing the presence of people on Google
profiles and Reader. Taking my own example, only around 15% of my
chat contacts used Google Reader before Buzz and just in a day,
there is a huge spike in the number of requests I am getting on
Reader. Google Reader was probably the only Google app which had
not created much buzz and was used only by a dedicated set of nerds
and information junkies. Google frequently made many significant
and some trivial updates to Reader but nothing I guess did much to
increase its popularity except for being acknowledge by existing
users. Google finally must have decided..”if new users are not coming
to Reader, we will take Reader to them and while doing so, we will
also take a shot at twitter.” Google Buzz is undoubtedly the best
thing that has happened for Google Reader, we need to see how it
turns out.
If Google is listening, please consider the below for the next version.

Typically, I am not continuously logged into twitter/facebook/orkut
(I find it too distracting..I have a job you know 🙂 ), but I
usually have my Reader open just to read anything interesting from
the subscribed sites. Now, whenever I write something cool on
my blog (as I am doing now 🙂 ) or I read some crazy stuff,
I would love to share it across Reader,twitter, facebook,blogs etc
with just one click. Currently, the easiest way to do it is to get
stuff on my Reader, share them. There is a 3rd party application
called twitterfeed which connects Reader to twitter. Have a twitter
widget on other sites/blogs which will show the shared items.
But  twitterfeed is too clumsy and at times, not realtime and limits
the number of items that could be shared. With Google Buzz, Google
has addressed the problem but not completely solved it. We now seem
to have a one way traffic from twitter to Buzz but it would be good
to have seamless two way traffic across multiple platforms so I can
share them with just one click and people can view them from whatever
sites they have logged into.  Amen 🙂


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Droid Calling Nexus….Busy Tone

Everyone has something to hold on to..Everyone has
except the ones who don’t 🙂 ..For some it could
be their families, and for others it could be his/her
work!! Quite a few will do anything to maintain the
status quo and few can’t tolerate if their ego (or
religion) is touched. The impact of the actions that
people take depends on how much do they believe in
things that trigger them (whether it is good or bad).

It is always important to know this about people while
dealing with them to avoid any surprises.

Now what applies to a person in  microcosm also applies
to an organization in macrocosm. Also, in general the
core philosophy changes form being specific to generic
as we move from an individual to an organization.
Based on the above loose premise 🙂 , let me come
to the topic of this post…

While Motorola and Google are two big companies and
obviously would have known each others core business,
I am still surprized that they(MOTO) were a bit taken
aback when Nexus one came along.

Sometime back, Google developed Android OS for cell
phone systems, Motorola which had an ailing cell phone
business at that point and increasingly pressurized
by the foray of new smart phones coming to the market
(led by Iphone of course)was too happy to embrace
Android and introduced Droid.
Was Google more than being selfless in opening up the
Android source code? The assured answer turns out to be
a big yes though their publicly made comment was
something on the following lines “to have a healthy
competitive ecosystem in Mobile OS platforms and to
ensure Apple doesn’t become Microsoft of Smartphones”.
Anyway as we all know, Google did introduce a new
smartphone called Nexus one based on Android. Now, why
would google which was marketing Android to the cell
phone companies started to compete against its customers!
Did Google decide to enter  a new industry?

A brief history…
Google has been gobbling most of the market share in
search based ad revenues over the years and things
were fine as long as the most of these searches were
PC based. Enter smart phones and you have a gradual
shift in more and more searches from PC to these phones
and google definitely wanted a piece of this (as they
were quick to recognize that smartphone based search is
the future). The profit google makes through ads is so
huge that they really don’t care if they give away turn
by turn navigation application for free (a move turning
out to be a death blow to leaders in specialized GPS
devices/apps) along with Android.

Till, apple introduced iphone, except for a couple of
companies like Palm and Blackberry, no other cell phone
companies were too keen on this high end market (since
most of their revenues came from selling low to middle
range cell phones) and were suddenly caught unaware by
Iphone which changed the whole cell phone game. They
did not have the OS/software to actually get into the
smartphone market on time while Apple with its head
start was sitting pretty. So it was not a surprize that
Google having the Android (with its varied features)
almost ready and free was too good to be left untouched
for the cell phone companies.

To summarize, the birth of Android followed by Google’s
entry into Smartphones was mainly to extend the search
spectrum for Google. Note that there were also these
rumours which made Google to have a more direct control
of its smart phone searches by having its own phone which
inevitably meant competing with other Android based phones.
This was a high risk decision and until now, it has paid
off well for google as we see that smartphone business is
increasingly turning out be a 2 player game by the day.

Coming back to Motorola??? If Motorola had known about
Nexus, would it still have embraced Android, I guess it
did not have any choice at that moment but atleast it
would have prepared for it or negotiated a better deal
with Google. And we all know once you start using
something which is good and cheap (Android in this case),
it is always hard to go back. All izz not so well for
Motorola but atleast it is good to see it is doing
something and then there is this.

If you have made it till now, I think you need get the
above s**t out of your system, don’t worry Google has a
solution to that via Google toilet 🙂 ..

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It just gets better…

To Fail is a shyte thing
as the smirk of the naysayers sinks in…
Failure makes you see things objectively
that had to be seen objectively…
Failure when understood is liberating…
And the pursuit of excellence continues..
To Fail is a good thing
It makes you cut the crap and focus on the real things…

A friend of mine had set the below quote as his signature for his outgoing emails.
I am not sure who the author is but here it goes

“Failure doesn’t define a person , what follows does.”


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Australian Open 2010 : A Brief Review

I can cry like him but it’s a shame I can’t play like him..thats
Andy Murray’s bits of realization during the post final ceremonies..
The 2010 Australian Open had it all with the exit of Sharapova in
the first round ( I was able to increase the volume quite a bit more
after that) and Henin reaching the finals in her first slam straight
out of her retirement (which shows nothing much has progressed in
the Women’s singles) to Nadal bailing out due to injury and Federer
winning the title despite what experts thought here and here..
The best thing about this open was the amount of tennis that we
got to see..
Below is a list of some of the best 5 set matches
Verdasco v/s Davydenko
Del Petro v/s Cilic
Cilic v/s Roddick
Roddick v/s Gonzales
Tsonga v/s Almagro
DJokovic v/s Tsonga
Overall there were 27 five set matches!! thats one hell of a lot
of tennis to watch (forget about being played) over a fortnight.
Interestingly, most of these matches were during the initial stages
while the semis and final turning out to be pretty much one sided.
We can put so many theories on a match by match basis as to
why Fedex is able to win so many titles but to put it in
a simple way (ok here comes my precious pearls of wisdom 😉
it is highly improbable to defeat him and apart from talent, one
needs a superb mix of consistency, fitness and patience to
hang in there with him for 5 sets (defeating Federer in less
than 5 sets is out of question) and only one player has been
able to do this for a short while and look what a toll it has
taken out of him and the poor Rafa seems to be in the imminent
danger of abrupt retirement…
A unique part of the 2010 Aus Open was the charity match
organized by the Aus Open committee called hit for Haiti. You
can check out a short trailer here. The full video can accessed
from here. It’s a treat for all tennis fans and watch out for
some antics from the Djoker, classic shots from Roger and the
heavy spin on the Rafa’s volley. Overall super time pass.

I know this post was a total ramble but I had save couple of links for future
reference and what better place than my blog to do that 🙂

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A superb video brilliantly capturing the commonly missed moments when they
are happening and commonly described as the best moments down the years
as we stop having such moments..!!

A moment passes by whether we seize it or not
and a moment seized is a moment lived.. – mahesh 😉

p.s: Ok..I didn’t stop writing because I was busy and I actually
had lots of things to write but couldn’t find time..blah.blah…
and no, not because of this also…
Important thing is…I am back and isn’t that what you guys want 🙂

An superb video brilliantly capturing the commonly misssed moments when they
are happenning and commonly described as the best moments down the years
as we stop having such moments!!

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The Water Bearer

Behold hey yeh, here I come to cross
yeh mighty river from the darkest grass
I am the bearer of the purest stream,
from the lands where no evil has been

Yeh must be naive to speaketh of thee
I am no darker than thy stream will be
I am known to be shrewed like none other
Bow to me and you shall reap my favor

Gush away from my path yeh must
As I sail through the forest and dust
on a purpose highest among the kites
tied to my roots and free from the pirates

The life my way as you seeketh treasure
moving with the flow is all bliss and pleasure
Ask not who yeh are and yeh shall see son
the purpose is a trap to make yeh burn

Behold hey yeh for I have seen this in my dream
the eternal sun, the blue ocean and the stream
Yeh shall not wither me from your worldly lies
for I am to drown in the depths of her eyes


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Smoky Dreams

A smoker is as smoker does (Run Fellows Run 😉 ..if you are not in a
boozy mood then I suggest you back off from reading this)…

A conversation b/w two people…

psycho: Good morning, isn’t it a great day outside?
me: yeh…may be
psycho: may be?
me: I mean.., I don’t like mornings much…
psycho: hmm..very your story?
me: usual, got hooked the very first time…been trying to quit from then on..
psycho: typical…let me how long have you been a smoker?
me: I think … around for 2 and half years now..
psycho: and an average of how many per day..?
me: 10..though I don’t keep a count you see..but I think you can make
it a pack per day..
psycho: hmmm..A typical smoker averages around whatever
the effect is, make it 5 years..
me: so..what do you think?
psycho: well, you say you did try quitting?
me: Many times..probably, I can say every other day..But you see whenever
I try, I get too confused, unable to think straight..always end up with nicotine..
I feel I have a purpose as long I keep smoking..
psycho: Ah..The purpose of oneself in life..well, I completely understand
what exactly you are going through..while you smoke, it soothes your agitated
mind and then you have clarity in your thoughts which gives you a direction..
The thing is…there are other ways to reach that state..and there is no need to
connect your smoking with your purpose in life..
me: well, I am not sure how else it could be done..
psycho: hmmm, would you mind if I ask you what’s your purpose..?
me: well, you see..its pretty serious..if I smoke then I can focus on quitting it..
I have a purpose and that is to quit..but as soon as I quit..I am totally clueless ..
psycho:’s why you have quit many times…
me: exactly..
psycho: so..what exactly you wanted to meet me for?
me: not sure..heard that you help people quit smoking and you are an accomplished
quitter yourself..
psycho: know what…you are generally not sure about anything, thats your
problem..what a waste if you ask me…
me: yeh well..are sure about it..? because I am not :wink:……Can I have one?..and
I take a cigarrate out

psycho: Definitely…lit one for me too..
me: but I thought you quit!!!
psycho: Yes…well, you see…the beauty of quitting is…now that I have
quit….I can have one..
me: Yes..yes..and I lit one for him..but you have quit..
psycho: absolutely…
and we shut up for a while as we loose ourselves in the smoke…

psycho: you know what, smoking is like being in love…
me: you mean…it starts with pleasure and ends up in pain…
psycho: Not if you want it to..but that again is an affair..I am talking about love…
and he looks at me as if I am the freshest idiot in the world..
me: well, how do I know…I never had an affair and had never been
in love either..
psycho: Love…you see..usually it starts with attraction..except
for the ones where they say “love at first sight”…Smoking is similar..
you see people around you smoking…trendy, fashionable and you try
to imitate..this is love starting with attraction..
me: And you believe there is something called “love at first sight”..
psycho: well, mine want to know..let me tell you…..and he takes
one long shot..sits back and I have a perfect pre – flashback scene

It was 5:30 in the morning and I was on my bike and heading to the
railway station..I was going to Mysore for the weekend..I went to the
station, parked my bike and paid the parking lot guy, 2 days worth parking
money..I was counting the change and as I kept my wallet in my pocket
and looked up..I saw her..the sky was still dark and she was coming out under
the street light, carrying her luggage…The yellowish-orange light glowing on
her face..She kept her luggage down..holding the band in her mouth, she
shook her head and both her hands were crawling up her hair..I had lived an
entire lifetime by this time…she turned around and our eyes saw each other..
both the pairs saw through..there was no shyness, no questions, but a clear
recognition..a recognition of a search getting completed..She took the band
out of her mouth and made a bun of her hair..all the while our eyes never looked
askance..The sun was now born from the womb in the East..I heard the birds
humming, flying over to the distant fields..The sound of train that I had abandoned
led to the beginning of a whole new world…The day was April 28 1999 and it is
still going on..that day…dies with me..
me: you are saying..I mean I never wanted to smoke because I saw others
doing it..It was on my hostel terrace..we were talking crap as usual for a long
time and a friend pulls out a pack and looks at us..Till that time I had never
thought about smoking…I took one, cut a bit and lit it..It came naturally…Usually
people need to be taught..I took a long shot and before I could exhale, I knew
I had found…
psycho: Couldn’t you wait till I had finished…huh..yes, you are right..
but irrespective of the way the love starts..what really is important is
the way it flourishes…But considering how deeply you are interested in
love..let me not go into details..may be some other time..
me: I am glad…but the way I see are not actually asking me to
psycho: well, I have quit
me: I mean to quit in the real sense…
psycho: I thought you would have got that by this time..When people say
quit smoking..kick the butt..I think they are simply chasing the wrong
dream…once a smoker..always a smoker..but when I say quit..I mean quit
the habit..make peace with it..Instead of a pack..reduce it to one per
day…then probably, once in a while to once in a year..But make sure
you give the relationship due respect..else it will come haunting you
10 times manifold..

It was around 2 AM..I turned around and picked a kingweiser(a king and a case you thought i misspelled kingfisher 😉 )..I had
couple of turns with the bud, went out of my room, to the terrace..I was
not sure whether it was a dream or I dozed of boozing..the breeze from
the lake (yes there is lake 100ft from where I stay)geared by the
surrounding trees, knocked me out..The sight of the lake reflecting the
street lights was turning out really mysterious by the time I had half
emptied the bud..I had a sudden urge to write something, I picked a pen
and a book..The bud was burning my insides while the wind got wilder…I
came inside my room..took one big shot of sutta, closed my eyes, smoked
in for a long time…nicotine went all the way down..I started writing
the above..and for a while I quit smoking forever…


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